Canyoning in Lodrino

Magical place for outstanding canyoning experiences: Canyoning in Lodrino

Lodrino, part of the Swiss Riviera, is located on the right bank of the Ticino. The entire municipality runs through the Lodrino Valley, which is crossed by the river, also called Lodrino. To make the confusion perfect, one of the most outstanding canyons in the region is also called “Lodrino” or “Val Lodrino inferiore / intermedio”.

But what do names mean when it comes to discovering canyoning on an exciting gorge tour in Ticino! If you are only there, you will understand what river, town and canyon have in common besides the name: They take you into a world beyond the hustle and bustle of civilization and the daily grind, in which the elements can still be experienced directly.

It is only a few meters that separate the parking lot near Lodrino from a ravine that is unparalleled in Europe. From the very first moment, canyoning in the Lodrino casts a spell over us. In amazement we are looking at the gloriously shimmering granite rocks, respectfully we approach a thundering waterfall that seems to arise directly from the rock.

With the outdoor canyoning experience in Lodrino, you get your money's worth in all the disciplines that make canyoning such an extraordinary sport. On the 17 meter long slide, on which you will have a lot of fun, as well as on the exclusive jumping points and of course on the absolute highlight of this tour, the 50 meter high abseiling point.

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Canyoning expert in the Lodrino inferiore

We offer canyoning in Lodrino on two levels of difficulty: as canyoning expert for canyonists with previous experience and as canyoning plus at the expert level.

Canyoning takes us through the Lodrino inferiore. As soon as you are immersed, the stress of everyday life falls off from you, because you are in the middle of a magical world that enchants your senses. The more you get involved, the easier it will be for you to master even the difficult passages of this canyoning tour without any problems.

However, initial experience in canyoning is a prerequisite for enjoying canyoning in the Lodrino. If you have only rappelled passively up to now, you can now practice active rappelling. Jumps into crystal clear water, passing narrow crevices in the rock bring us further on the way.

Sliding in the pronounced rock gullies as well as swimming or diving inserts help ensure that you will remember this varied canyoning experience in the Lodrino for a long time to come. The fantastic play of light and dark, rock and water will burn deep into your heart and further intensify your passion for canyoning.

Pure adrenaline in the encounter with the pure beauty of a gorge tour through the Lodrino - if you don't want to miss this unique outdoor experience, it is best to register online now, because the places in our small groups are quickly allocated. Alternatively, you can of course reserve a tour for you and your friends or colleagues, which will be planned and accompanied by one of our licensed guides.