Canyoning in Pontirone

Exciting outdoor experience in untouched nature: Canyoning in Pontirone

A deeply cut valley in the middle of steep, green, forested slopes – this is how the Val Pontirone presents itself, in which one of the most eventful canyons of the Swiss Ticino is located, the canyon Pontirone inferiore. Canyoning in the Pontirone only takes us about 100 meters deep, but you can feel in every corner and at every passage that it is a very special kind of canyoning experience.

Is it the light granite rock or the cave-like shape of the gorge, in which the feeling of security forms an exciting contrast to adventurous discoveries and the jumps that require full concentration? Whatever makes canyoning in Pontirone so attractive and has earned the gorge the reputation of being the “little sister of the Lodrino Canyon”, you'll find out on our guided canyoning tours in Ticino.

Exciting climbing passages, impressive jumping and abseiling areas allow a fantastic alternation between action and intense encounter with the elements. Well protected and warmed by our neoprene suits, we make our way in a pleasant 10 ° Celsius water temperature to the end of the gorge tour through the darkest part of the canyon in Ticino, to which not even the smallest ray of sun can penetrate. At the exit point, most canyonists agree: This wonderful outdoor experience could have been a little longer.

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Short but challenging: Canyoning Pro in the Pontirone

Short but challenging is the short assessment for canyoning in Pontirone, which is why participation is particularly suitable for canyonists with some previous knowledge, as well as for everyone who can keep up on the pro level and who are passionate about jumping.

The first big challenge follows the half-hour ascent: a 40 meter high abseil where you experience how wonderful it feels to float securely into the depths of the canyon.

Abseiling can be done directly in the middle of the waterfall or on the sides. Another abseil point, which requires a lot of skill due to the sharp-edged rocks, can optionally be bypassed.

Short or not, at least four times you have the opportunity to do great jumps from heights of up to 11 meters while canyoning in the Pontirone. Alternatively, you can also choose to abseil here. But it is worthwhile to choose the jump variant, because the canyoning experience in Pontirone offers you a good opportunity to surpass your previous jumping experience and to expand your own limits jump by jump.

We provide you with the special equipment for canyoning in Pontirone at no extra cost. You are also welcome to use our photo service free of charge to look back at all the deep and narrow passages that you faced with courage and desire for adventure.

Everything at a glance

For sporty beginners and repeaters

Have you ever done canyoning with us or anywhere else in the world? Are you sporty and have brave friends? Then on! The Ticino canyons are getting longer, the gorges on the south side of the Alps deeper and the experience bigger!

Experience level
required previous knowledge
  • Planning and implementation of the canyoning tour
  • Coordination of the canyoning event on site
  • Support from certified purelements employees (certified canyoning guides)
  • Guide-guest ratio is a maximum of 1: 7
  • No time pressure!
  • Special equipment required for the tour
  • Photo service
  • Own safety standards for canyoning

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The Val Pontirone as the perfect starting point for further outdoor experiences in Ticino

The Val Pontirone was once a region in which loggers knew how to make economic use of the forests growing on the steep slopes. Today the secluded valley is an insider tip for everyone who wants to spend a holiday in the Ticino Alps away from the hustle and bustle of tourism.

But our canyoning experience in Pontirone can also be easily reached after a one to one and a half hour drive from the tourist areas on Lake Maggiore or Lake Lugano. If you are on the way to Italy, Pontirone, which is also popular for bikers, is ideal for a stopover where you can indulge your passion for canyoning.

After an eventful visit to one of the most beautiful canyons in Europe and many more experiences in canyoning, you can end the day in a relaxed manner. In the nearby town of the same name you will find comfortably furnished “restaurants”, where you can usually choose between Mediterranean cuisine and regional specialties.

If you want more exercise, we recommend a detour to the small village church of Pontirone or a walk along the river. A large number of hikes and climbing tours in the Ticino Alps can also be planned from Pontirone.