Canoe tour for associations and clubs

Canoe tour for associations and clubs – excursion tips for an exclusive group event

To strengthen the club life or the cohesion in the club, a joint excursion is a good idea. However, the problem with standard excursions such as going to the theater or eating together in a restaurant is that you don’t get enough action together.

It is then better to plan activities for the club excursion that take everyone out of their usual surroundings and help the group experience a lot of exciting things together during the excursion. Canoeing for associations and clubs in Ticino offers you exactly this opportunity. The fun factor is high and you will spend a great time together in one of the most beautiful regions of Switzerland, during which you will get to know each other better and rely on each other.

Three to four people can ride in the hose canoes we provide. Together you paddle on the rather calm current from Cresciano to Bellinzona. Depending on your previous knowledge and confidence, you can of course also book rafting as a club or association, where you can make your first experiences with white water, which can also be mastered by beginners.

The advantage of such a tour compared to other run-of-the-mill club excursions is that you can mix and match as a group again and again. During the journey together, when sharing the canoes, while swimming in the crystal-clear water (optional), at an aperitif that our guides organize for you and during other activities that you combine with the club excursion to fabulous Swiss Ticino.

So whether you are looking for an idea for an excursion with the garden club, the marching band or the carnival club - the canoe trip on the Ticino is an extraordinary excursion destination and can be perfectly combined with many other excursion tips for clubs and associations.

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Flexible planning and experienced guides: This is how you can get your club life going with a canoe trip

Mountains, palm trees, sunny beaches and chestnut forests – Italian-speaking Switzerland is known for its special scenic charm. So if you are looking for an unusual club excursion, you are well advised to go canoeing on the Ticino.

As an experienced provider of outdoor events for associations, groups and clubs, we at purelements® also know how difficult it can be for the organizer to reconcile all wishes and requirements. That's why we offer you different tariffs and conditions that you can tailor to your group.

You don't have to worry about the equipment you need for canoeing as a club either, because we provide the robust inflatable canoes as well as other equipment that is needed for your club's canoe tour. You only need to have personal items like a change of clothes or sunscreen with you.

And so that you can concentrate fully on yourself as a group, we organize the cool club excursion exclusively for you - so there are no people from outside the club present, with the exception of our guides, who give you brief instructions on canoeing and accompany you with safe kayaks and carry out the free photo shoot so that you can take home the most beautiful snapshots at the end.

You can book the canoe trip on the Ticino as an excursion idea for clubs online with us for groups of all sizes. If you want to add new impetus to your club life with other extraordinary experiences, you can also combine the canoe trip as a group with one of our canyoning tours.

Special destinations for a day trip with the association are also the famous bridges in the region - the pedestrian bridge Ponte de Salti, which rises in curves over the Verzasca basin, or the Tibetan suspension bridge Carasc, which is 130 meters high and has to be crossed may require a little courage and mutual support.