Bachelor party with canoe tour

The idea for your bachelor party in Switzerland: a canoe tour with purelements ®

When your best friend is getting married, it’s time to collect ideas for the bachelor party or bachelorette party. But as soon as it’s about a special and cool bachelor party, things get tricky. What excursion tips are there for a bachelor party for women or men? What activities are suitable for a bachelor party?

A very special idea is to organize the bachelor party for men or women as a canoe tour on the Fiume Ticino. From spring to autumn you can go on tour together in an indescribable panorama and optionally combine canoeing with other activities for saying goodbye to the bride or groom.

Even the canoe trip with purelements® offers you many extras and flexible conditions. For example, round off the bachelor party with a delicious aperitif and view the first photos of the canoe tour in a happy atmosphere. The snacks/drinks will be served to you by our guide, who will take care of your safety and well-being throughout the canoe trip.

The trip with our tube canoes starts at Cresciano and leads on the Ticino in the direction of Bellinzona. The area (Ticino Riviera) is known and loved for its fabulous nature, the view of mountains and chestnut forests and the beautiful course of the river. You can decide for yourself whether it's a good idea to choose a rather easy canoe trip, or whether you also want to pass a few rapids that really add momentum to rafting.

And if you feel like it, we'll just stop at a suitable place in between and you can dive into the crystal-clear water of the Fiume Ticino during the bachelor party as a canoe tour and swim a few laps.

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What can you do as a bachelor party? Cool excursion tips for the canoe tour in Ticino

A group canoe trip at the bachelor party is an extraordinary experience for male and/or female participants, because it starts with a fun challenge that you master together and puts you in the best of moods. There are also a number of ideas and activities in Ticino that will make the bachelor party a complete success for both women and men.

Popular excursion destinations for bachelor or bachelorette parties after the canoe trip on the Ticino are, for example, Ascona and Bellinzona. A swim in Lake Maggiore is also a great addition, or a hike, a barbecue, a visit to a chic Ticino restaurant - casual and fun or prettied up and styled, just as you think is appropriate for the occasion.

If the tips and ideas for the bachelor party are not enough, the list can be extended at will. As a group, you can book additional activities for your extraordinary bachelor party. In the immediate vicinity you will find the possibility of go-karting, bungee jumping, skydiving or canyoning, which you can book online at purelements® as a second event for canoeing.

In between there will certainly be time to take part in a wine tasting, sip a cocktail or enjoy the specialties of the region in a Ticino grotto.

If you are still in the mood for an exuberant party, you will find enough space to dance and celebrate in the Vanilla Club - but please consider the tip to reserve the tickets for the bachelor party in advance! With such a cool and extensive program for saying goodbye to male or female bachelors, it is of course best if you plan a multi-day bachelor party with an overnight stay.