Climbing course in Ticino

Get in, get on, enjoy: climbing courses in Ticino for beginners and advanced climbers

During canyoning we discover the fascinating inner workings of the mountains. A via ferrata tour takes us to lofty heights and to fabulous views of the wonderful panorama of Ticino. But before the sight, the gods set ascent or rock climbing – and it is precisely this sport that you will soon love on our guided climbing courses in Ticino as well as climbing, abseiling and jumping in canyoning.

Ticino, as the Swiss canton is called in Italian, offers you ample opportunity to pursue your passion for rock climbing, bouldering or multi-pitch climbing. Most of the climbing tours in Ticino also have the advantage of being able to choose different routes and train different skills.

Beginners and families with children start with a short climbing tour. A first look at the rock face or the rock to be climbed is usually rather skeptical. But with every step and every meter that you overcome, you feel how self-confidence increases. Too high, too steep, too difficult? Not for you, because in our climbing courses in Ticino you go on tour well secured, well equipped and carefully prepared by licensed guides.

Advanced climbers will then already enjoy the more difficult tours for rock climbing in Ticino, practice multi-pitch climbing and bouldering. What they all have in common is that at the end of the day they feel how good it is to have faced the pure elements of the mountains and their challenges.

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Course offer and schedule of our climbing courses in Ticino

You can find climbing courses in Ticino in our offer as basic courses and advanced courses. You can also book bouldering courses and individual climbing tours with us.

You should ideally choose a basic course if you have little or no experience with climbing or if you want to start climbing slowly again after a long break. We have the necessary equipment, including the right footwear, ready for you.

A nice drive brings us closer to our destination, followed by a short walk so that you can already enjoy the fresh air and get in the mood for your outdoor adventure. And then finally it starts: The rock awaits us and with it the entry and ascent into a climbing tour that requires your full concentration. Now you can feel for yourself what connects the friends of climbing: the overwhelming experience of elementary forces - outside and inside!

Advanced climbers who already have a good knowledge of climbing and the required stamina choose the advanced climbing tours in Ticino. Here the participants can improve their climbing skills thanks to the helpful tips from our climbing instructors and admire and conquer wonderful secret climbing routes.