Canyoning in Giumaglio

Unique natural spectacle and outstanding canyoning experience: Canyoning in Giumàglio

Canyoning in the Giumàglio gorge is one of those unforgettable outdoor experiences that you have to experience yourself. Even the Maggia valley in the canton of Ticino, in which the Canyon Giumàglio is located, can hardly be described without getting into raptures.

Chestnut forests and the Ticino Alps with their historic villages, the shimmering green Maggia river, which you can cross over various suspension bridges, give a first taste of what awaits us when canyoning in Giumàglio: pure nature, the power of the elements and a light play of colors that no camera in the world can capture in all its beauty.

The canyoning experience in Giumàglio also gives you the opportunity to get to know the challenging side of canyoning. The outdoor experience is therefore best suited for experienced canyonists or trained athletes who can rule out fear of heights and claustrophobia.

Running, climbing, jumping, sliding and abseiling are the typical modes of movement in canyoning. The special highlights of the canyoning experience in Giumàglio include the 35-meter-long abseil point at a rushing waterfall and a jump from a height of 13 meters, which is roughly the height of a four-story house.

But it's not just the highlights that shape the canyoning experience in Ticino. The gorge tour through the Giumàglio is varied in itself and offers a breathtaking view of magically shimmering pools and legendary rock on every meter.

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Mysterious and challenging: Canyoning pro in the Valle Giumàglio

When canyoning in Giumàglio you enter a gorge that is mostly open and yet full of secrets and very narrow passages. Due to the numerous challenges that we face during the tour, we classify this outdoor experience at the pro level. So ideally you have previous experience in canyoning, which you will expand and perfect on this canyoning tour in Ticino.

You do not need any special equipment for the tour, as it is provided by us. The price for our photo service (optional) is already included in the tour fee, so it is better to leave the camera in the car. Because during the tour you will need all your hands, feet and senses to move meter by meter through the wonderful gorge.

The possibilities for abseiling, jumping, diving or climbing alternate here in an excellent way. You will overcome some passages with ease, in others you may feel a respectful hesitation or shudder. But it is precisely the respect for the elements and for our own limits that distinguishes us canyonists and at the same time motivates us to achieve the goals we have set.

When canyoning in Giumàglio, we therefore not only value the sporty character of the outdoor experience. It is always about making community, fairness and a connecting experience tangible, which trains the muscles and our individual character traits in equal measure.

Everything at a glance

For sporty beginners and repeaters

Have you ever done canyoning with us or anywhere else in the world? Are you sporty and have brave friends? Then on! The Ticino canyons are getting longer, the gorges on the south side of the Alps deeper and the experience bigger!

Experience level
required previous knowledge
  • Planning and implementation of the canyoning tour
  • Coordination of the canyoning event on site
  • Support from certified purelements employees (certified canyoning guides)
  • Guide-guest ratio is a maximum of 1: 7
  • No time pressure!
  • Special equipment required for the tour
  • Photo service
  • Own safety standards for canyoning

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Our tip: take time for canyoning and other outdoor experiences in the Maggia Valley

You can register online for our canyoning tour in Giumàglio to reserve a place. If you want to go on tour with a group of friends, family or colleagues, this is also possible. Canyoning in Giumàglio can also be booked for employee events or team building. If you intend to organize such an experience for your employees, please contact us in advance so that we can provide you with a guide with appropriate training in team and process training.

If you are on your own, we recommend that you combine canyoning in Giumàglio with a short or longer stay in Ticino and especially in the Valle Maggia. The area has an infinite amount to offer for naturalists, outdoor sports enthusiasts and everyone who appreciates this unique mixture of Swiss forest, mountain landscapes and Mediterranean flair.

After extensive hikes and exciting canyoning tours, after swimming in the nearby Lake Maggiore or sunbathing on the white sandy beaches of the Maggia, you will always find a cozy spot in a trattoria or grotto, where you will be served delicious regional specialties. In addition, the sun-drenched Ticino is known for its warm hospitality, which contributes to making you feel completely comfortable and welcome.