Canyoning in the Verzasca Valley

The perfect adventure for families and individualists: canyoning in Valle Verzasca

The river Verzasca rises at around 2,900 meters and finally flows into Lake Maggiore after a long hike through the region of the same name. On the way through picturesque valleys, the Verzasca passes the smallest village in Swiss Ticino, Corippo, as well as the Lago di Vogorno reservoir, which James Bond fans will immediately recognize as the place where the famous bungee jump for “Golden Eye” was filmed .

But not only Bond fans and people who are interested in the exciting sight of a village submerged in the reservoir will get their money's worth in the Valle Verzasca. As in the whole of Ticino, it is above all the exceptionally beautiful gorges that make the region so attractive and invite you to do extensive canyoning.

The gorge near Corippo is one of the special canyons that have already inspired numerous beginners for canyoning. After a relaxed ascent, the canyon offers you everything that makes your heart and your pulse beat faster:

Water slides that even the youngest will enjoy, emerald green pools that will make your eyes light up, and of course the opportunity to try out your first jumps from a moderate height of around 10 meters (optional).

The end of the canyoning in the Valle Verzasca / Corippo is finally a slide that lets you dive directly into Lake Vogorno, which you then cross relaxed and swim at your own pace.

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Canyoning for beginners and individual canyoning tours in the Valle Verzasca

We offer canyoning in the Valle Verzasca on the basic level and as individually guided tours (private guiding) for you. The basic level is suitable for beginners, families with younger children and of course for experienced canyonists who simply feel like taking a leisurely canyoning tour in Ticino.

The “basic” beginner's tour in the Valle di Corippo first leads us through the village of the same name, which is one of the famous sights in the Valle Verzasca. After a brief introduction to the topic of canyoning safety, you will embark on an adventure accompanied by our certified guides that you will not soon forget.

On the one hand there is the wild beauty of the canyons in the Valle Verzasca, which leaves no one untouched. On the other hand, there is the experience of your own strength, the confidence in yourself, which is one of the moving experiences in canyoning. And third, of course, there are the elements that we deal with intensively during the canyoning tour: water and rock, open, sunlit plateaus alternating with dark bottlenecks through which we move in a concentrated manner.

An alternative to canyoning near Corippo is the Val Porta gorge, which is also located in the Verzasca valley. The beautiful, initially open gorge on the Vogorno is relatively easy to walk at the beginning, but the degree of difficulty increases significantly towards the end, so that we only offer individually guided canyoning tours with a private guide.

Experienced canyonists like to refer to the Val-Porta-Canyon as a typical Ticino gorge, which you absolutely have to see, but above all has to be conquered. Your certified private guide is available the whole day so that you can embark on this experience at your own pace.