Canyoning in Cugnasco

Hesitate, breathe, persevere and win: Canyoning in Cugnasco for experienced canyonists

You already have experience in canyoning. Jumping and abseiling is no problem for you. But then suddenly there is this one crevice that you dread. You hesitate, looking for a way out. But it doesn’t help, now it’s time to take a deep breath and go!

Every canyoning experience is different. Every canyonist works differently. But most of us know experiences like the one described. Because that is precisely what is so fascinating about the outdoor sport canyoning: we get to know ourselves in a completely new way by dealing with the elements in a wilderness that has grown over centuries or millennia.

When canyoning in Cugnasco you embark on such an adventure again. Cugnasco is located near Locarno in the Swiss Ticino, in the region where not only the sun but also the names, the language and the scent of southern plants remind us that we are already very close to the border to Italy .

When canyoning in the Gorge of Cugnasco, it is above all the element of water that guides and drifts us. The gradient that we follow, sometimes light and carefree, sometimes focused and concentrated, meter by meter. It's not a struggle, but it does take a little courage and effort to pass this gorge tour in Ticino.

But as is too often the case with canyoning, we are rewarded for our stamina. Because it just feels good to be in motion instead of being moved. And because the landscape gives us the most beautiful and deepest insights that only canyonists can see.

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Get ready for the second level: Canyoning Pro in Cugnasco

Jumping, sliding, abseiling – which of them do you like best about canyoning? In Cugnasco you can improve your skills at a total of eight jumping points and three slides from heights of up to ten meters. The canyoning experience in Cugnasco is simply brilliant for everyone who loves abseiling and / or wants to improve on it. After all, even for experienced canyonists, 30 meters is no longer so easy to master.

A canyoning tour in Cugnasco, which really introduces you to all the ups and downs of the gorge, is therefore only offered at the advanced level Pro. We make exceptions for those interested who are sure that they can master the individual disciplines such as jumping, abseiling and sliding because they come from related sports.

If you do not have any experience in canyoning and are rarely active in sports, do not be confused by offers that advertise canyoning in Cugnasco for beginners. The route has it all and is only easy to master at the beginning, even for inexperienced people.

Our outdoor experience in Ticino begins with a 30 to 40 minute climb. Or, if there are enough cars, with a pleasant shuttle. After a short briefing (yes, there must be enough time even for experienced canyonists), it goes straight to the gorge. Good-bye world, goodbye civilization. We'll see each other again, but for now let's go underground.