Canyoning in Iragna

Canyon tour with wow factor: Canyoning in Iragna

One of the best outdoor experiences in Switzerland is canyoning near Iragna. The place and the Iragna gorge are located in the municipality of Riviera in the sun-drenched canton of Ticino. The gorge is nicknamed Pózz Bórgh, which we jokingly translate as “potz lightning”. Because even experienced canyonists can still experience real wow moments here.

Advanced who do not want to miss the Iragna canyoning experience can opt for a tour with an entrance in the lower area (Iragna inferiore) or in the higher area (Iragna intermedio).

On both tours you will practice all the disciplines that characterize the trend sport canyoning, which means: Surrounded by a beautiful panorama of forests and granite rock, the rushing of waterfalls on the trail, we slide, jump, climb or swim our way .

Sometimes we move through the particularly narrow rocky passages during canyoning to cross the rather dark part of the gorge, then again it goes up to the sunlight, where we ultimately find ourselves in a wonderful pool, which is located as a small oasis in the middle of the village.

The abseiling and sliding areas are particularly challenging during the canyoning experience in this top gorge. Even the first abseil leads us into the depths, the waterfalls are up to 40 meters high and at their end crystal clear mountain water awaits us. Pleasantly exhausted and yet well refreshed, you can end your outdoor experience with sunbathing in the pool or with a delicious meal in the neighboring grotto.

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Canyoning Pro in the Iragna inferiore

As beautiful as the canyon near Iragna is, it is so challenging, which is why you should already have previous experience in canyoning and / or be particularly sporty when registering. The Pro-Tour takes us into the Iragna inferiore, that is, we choose an entry point that we reach after about 20 minutes of hiking along the edge of the gorge. Even on the short hike it becomes clear that we are in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, which enchants with its Mediterranean flair.

Once in the gorge, the first wow factor occurs when we abseil down 40 meters - in the middle of a wonderful waterfall, which increases the joy but also the level of difficulty.

Abseiling, sliding, swimming and jumping then alternate in an appropriate ratio during the further canyoning experience in Iragna. At the end of the tour you have overcome passages that make every canyonist's heart beat faster. And you can proudly and confidently look back on an outdoor experience that will reinforce your passion for this wonderful sport.

If you are registering for a tour with a higher level of difficulty for the first time, canyoning in Iragna is also a good choice. Our licensed guides show you exactly what to watch out for when jumping and abseiling and are always close by if you need a little motivation or a helping hand.