The team

Our team

The purelements team in Ticino consists of young, motivated, friendly and always in a good mood! A good relationship between employees and with our customers is essential! We consider ourselves a small family with the same passions and visions! We look forward to sharing our passions with you!

Florian SchauweckerCEO
Canyoning guide, canoe guide, safety officer, head of administration and logistics

Born: Bellinzona, Switzerland
Languages: Italian, German, English, French and a little Spanish

Florian, born and raised in Ticino, is one of the few local canyoning guides who has turned his hobby into a profession!

He has always lived in the mountains and developed a keen interest in nature and outdoor sports at a young age.

When he did canyoning for the first time, he knew immediately that he wanted to do this sport as often as possible. During his studies at the tourism school, he realized that his future would lie in running an outdoor company.

His first job in this area was as a photographer in the canyons and very quickly, as he gained more and more experience, after his training as an SOA guide and a few years as a guide, he had the opportunity to become managing director of purelements CH Sagl.

Seeing the enthusiastic and satisfied customers gives him a lot of satisfaction and motivates him again and again to give 100% throughout the season.

He has been a board member for canyoning in the Swiss Outdoor Association (SOA) since 2023.

In addition to canyoning, Florian loves climbing, kayaking, mountain biking and turbo siesta!

Outside you will discover what you are made of!

Thomas WaibelOwner, Managing Director
Canyoning guide

Born: Sonthofen, Germany
Languages: German, English

Thomas is the owner and creator of purelements! He has been working in this industry for over 20 years and continues to pursue his philosophy with great enthusiasm and determination.

With his experience, Thomas is a top canyoning expert and although he lives in Germany, he has always seen Ticino as his second home and knows the Ticino canyons by heart.

Whatever questions you have about canyoning, Thomas will be able to answer them; D

In addition to canyoning, Thomas is passionate about geology, meteorology and diving. When he’s not in a gorge in Ticino or in a cave in Germany, he’s probably traveling around the world to discover new, adventurous places.

“Experience places you’ve always dreamed of.”

Laso SchallerCanyoning guide
Canyoning guide

Born: Zurich, Switzerland
Languages: German, English

Laso grew up in a super sports family and started working for the Sports Department of the Canton of Zurich at the age of 12!

He can certainly be described as an all-rounder who is happy to pass on his passion to his children!

Besides being a professional diver, Laso is very well known in the canyoning world thanks to his acrobatics!

We are happy to have him as a freelancer in our team to support us in very intense moments!

A guy who lives for extreme sports, with a huge heart, always ready to help!

Mario Ariza BlasCanyoning guide, canoe guide, climbing instructor
Canyoning guide, canoe guide, climbing instructor

Born: Madrid, Spain
Languages: Spanish, English, Italian

Mario was trained in Spain, where he worked for several years as a canyoning, climbing and via ferrata guide. After working in the Spanish Pyrenees for many years, he decided to broaden his experience and come to the canyoning mecca of Ticino! His decision to come to Ticino was also influenced by love… love for his friends and the nature of Ticino!

He has been on the road for us in the canyons in summer since 2020 and we are very happy to have him in our team.

Our Super Mario is always in a good mood and is valued by our guests for his sympathy and Spanish temperament.

Ivan de AbajoClimbing instructor
Climbing instructor, canyoning guide assistant

Born: Madrid, Spain
Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian

Ivan was born and raised near Madrid. After working as a physical education teacher, cook, bartender and a dozen other jobs, he decided to come to Switzerland and work as a climbing instructor.

Thanks to his friendliness and social skills, Ivan quickly found a job as a trainer at the sports center in Tenero.

Ivan is a climbing and bouldering instructor for us and because he is always motivated to learn and discover new activities, he has decided to become a canyoning guide too! Great Ivan, welcome to our team!

Jasper Herman HoekstraCanyoning guide, kayak instructor and guide, mountain guide (aspirant)
Canyoning guide, kayak instructor and guide, mountain guide (aspirant)

Born: Netherlands
Languages: Dutch, English, German, French

Jasper is the youngest member of our team, but no less experienced!

After completing his studies at the Outdoor School in the Netherlands, he immediately started working as a kayak and canyoning guide in France. After 7 years in France, he decided to come to Switzerland and has felt at home here ever since.

Having trained as a mountain guide, he is mainly outdoors, both for work and in his free time.

Jasper is full of energy, super friendly and we are always happy when he leads our groups into the Ticino canyons!

Michael WeikCanyoning guide
Canyoning guide

Born: Germany
Languages: German, English

Michael has been with us for many years and has contributed to the success of purelements!

As a self-employed arborist, he only works a few days a year as a canyoning guide in Germany and Ticino. He often comes to help us during our camps!

Michi’s life is very simple. He lives with very few possessions and is happy with a little food, nature, a good job and lots of adventure! His favorite sport is climbing!