Canyoning on Lake Maggiore

Outdoor experience without compromise: Canyoning in the Lake Maggiore, Ascona and Locarno region

Do you prefer to be outdoors during your free time? Do you want action in breathtaking gorges, the most beautiful hiking trails and the varied water sports on offer in the Swiss canton of Ticino? Would you like to experience pure action on vacation, but also go shopping in between, for a cappuccino in Ascona or for a cocktail in Locarno?

Then canyoning on Lake Maggiore is just right for you!

With canyoning in Ticino you no longer have to decide whether you prefer to hike, climb, swim or dive - the sport combines pretty much everything you can expect from an exciting outdoor event. Abseiling and jumping into the wonderful pools of the Ticino canyons are also part of it - and of course having fun on the water slides that are naturally formed by the course of the river.

And the best: We offer canyoning on Lake Maggiore at all levels, for beginners as well as for advanced or experts. The region on and around Lake Maggiore is one of the most beautiful holiday regions in Switzerland. Here you can be introduced to canyoning for the first time in one of over 60 gorges or you can further develop your existing knowledge and skills.

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Canyoning on Lake Maggiore: guided tours for all levels

Cugnasco, Progero, Val di Vira (also: Valle di Vira) – experienced canyonists immediately listen up when they talk about these beautiful and challenging gorges on Lake Maggiore.

A 30 meter abseiling point, jumping and sliding heights of up to 10 meters are the highlights of canyoning in Cugnasco. We offer the canyoning tour Cugnasco at the Pro level, so it is suitable for canyoning enthusiasts with initial experience. Are you particularly athletic and do you play a related sport, and do you also have a head for heights? Then of course you can also register for this popular tour in the Cugnasco Valley!

The challenge can be increased by a canyoning tour in Progero (Gudo), where two adventurous waterfalls and an abseil of 45 meters await you. Good previous knowledge of canyoning is recommended for our expert tour.

Progero offers practically no possibility of jumping and sliding, but wonderful abseiling passages, where we have a lot of fun on one of our favorite elements, the water. Both Cugnasco and Progero are easy to reach from Locarno or Ascona - so if you want to spend more time in the Lake Maggiore region, these are perfect starting points for guided canyoning tours.

It all sounds very exciting and adventurous, but would you like to try out in advance whether canyoning is the right sport for you? Would you like to give your children or friends their first canyoning tour so that they understand what is special about this outdoor experience?

We conduct beginner tours in Val di Vira, a gorge that leads directly into Lake Maggiore. A bathing holiday with a youth group or a family holiday can be perfectly combined with a canyoning taster tour.

You can also get to know the great variety of canyons on Lake Maggiore on our private tours for individualists. Accompanied by a private guide, you make your way through gorges in Minusio (Navegna), in the Valle del Trodo or in the Valle della Pesta.