Canoe tour for school groups

Canoe tour for school groups – ideas for an unusual school trip

Do you want to plan a cool school trip that is fun for everyone and strengthens class cohesion? Would you like to let off steam at an outdoor event in Ticino and be part of it as a group? Then simply book a canoe trip for school classes on the Ticino to implement your idea for the extraordinary school trip!

Your multi-hour canoe trip in Ticino with the school group starts in Cresciano and thus in a sun-drenched region that attracts enthusiastic climbers as well as canyonists and canoeists. Your guides have the necessary equipment with them and will explain what is important when canoeing in a group on the Ticino.

Ideally, you have already clarified beforehand who will get into the great inflatable canoes with whom, because it starts right after the first instructions: the coolest and most unusual excursion with the class or a school group that you have done so far!

During the canoe trip you are dependent on cooperating in small teams. You will find your rhythm while paddling, concentrate on making progress together as a school group, on reaching your goal.

At the same time, you will have a lot of fun canoeing and get to know one of the most exciting landscapes in Ticino. Because rock walls and palm trees, chestnut forests and sunny beaches can be found in this section as well as small rapids that make the crystal-clear water bubble and which you, even as a beginner in rafting, will successfully master in group canoeing!

After all, the fun factor is at least as important on a canoe trip for school groups in Ticino as sporting ambition and promoting cohesion in the entire group. And since your guides are always nearby, safety is well taken care of on this beautiful stretch of Ticino.

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Canoeing with the school class on the Ticino: Didactics meet planning security and experienced guides

The canoe trip on the Ticino is ideal for school groups, as it can be carried out without prior knowledge. In the great outdoors, the participants learn to cooperate with each other and strengthen their self-confidence and trust in the cohesion as a group.

We support teachers who are looking for an unusual and didactically demanding idea for the next class trip with flexible, reliable and particularly simple planning. For the excursion with larger school groups, we provide you with several experienced canoe guides who will accompany you and relieve you. Regardless of the selected tariff, the ratio is max. 1:12. As a teacher or as a pedagogical companion, you are on the safe side and can enjoy the canoe trip with the school group just as much as the students.

You can easily book with us online - and after a few minutes you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. If the minimum number of participants is reached, we will conduct the class excursion by canoe on the Ticino exclusively as a private tour for your group. With 24 paying participants and with some of our tariff options, an accompanying person can also go on the canoe tour for the school trip free of charge.

You don't have to worry about the equipment or the luggage transport either, because we provide you with all the equipment - including a life jacket and, if the weather conditions require it, wetsuits. Of course, the students only have to take care of their personal needs, for example a bathing suit and a change of clothes or medication.

If you organize your canoe trip as the crowning event of a graduation party or a graduation party with participants who are older than 16 years, you can also book an aperitif with us or choose a tariff in which it is already included. Your guides will then also provide a refreshing drink (beer or Prosecco) and small snacks - at the start or at the end of your exclusive party tour with the school group.