Canyoning course lasting several days

Become a canyonist!

After completing this canyoning course, you will be well prepared for the aptitude test for canyoning training, you can take part in challenging, guided canyoning tours and actively participate in tour planning and implementation. Due to the shortness of the course and the lack of experience and knowledge, it is not possible to walk independently through gorges of all levels of difficulty.
The canyoning course is ideal for everyone who wants to deal more intensively with the sport of canyoning.

In our canyoning course, we convey a comprehensive basic knowledge of the sport of canyoning and provide assistance and advice on how to find important information and how to interpret it correctly. Both theoretical units and practical exercises in the gorges are necessary. We make sure that what we have learned theoretically can be experienced and consolidated immediately in practice.

What the participants say:

"Hello Philipp, the amount of what you have shown us and explained to us, I am still mentally reworking. It's just great how intensely and individually you approached each of us. My motivation to continue with canyoning is increased even more by the course. " Ulrich Kazmierzak, Technical Consultant, Lindau, summer 2016

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Everything at a glance

  • A general state of health in good health.
  • Minimum age: approx. 16 years, also younger if accompanied by a legal guardian.

Material and equipment science

  • Wetsuit, belt, helmet, e.g. “Have the right equipment with you”
  • Ropes eg “which rope for which gorge”
  • Carabiners eg “Which carabiner is used in which system”
  • Stands eg “Have the right material with you for every kind of stand”
  • Slings, e.g. “Use self-belay, tape sling and accessory cord correctly”

Rope and knot science

  • Nodes e.g. “Important nodes and their use”
  • Stand construction, e.g. “Assess and secure”
  • Detachable systems eg “The advantages of flexibility”
  • Various abseiling techniques such as “passive, active and active-passive abseiling”
  • Rope extensions eg “safety and increased comfort”

Tour planning

  • Hydrology e.g. “Protect the environment and animals”
  • Weather science, e.g. “Knowing, reading and assessing sources”
  • Topography e.g. “Recognize water catchment areas”
  • Geology e.g. “Different soil, different rock, other dangers arise”
  • Create packing lists, e.g. “Well prepared for the gorge”

Assessment and assessment of situations in the canyon

  • Recognize dangers z. B. “Particular risk of falling or falling rocks”
  • Jumping and sliding techniques, eg “The optimal technique for every spot”
  • White water hazards e.g. “Recognize aquatic risks”
  • The course duration is 5 program days
  • The course days start at 8:30 a.m.
  • Changes to the start time due to special program parts will be agreed and coordinated with the participants during the course
  • Inspection of different gorges with a mixture of practical and theoretical units
  • The course ends every day at around 4:30 p.m.
  • Completing the canyoning course does not replace a canyoning guide training!
  • The course begins on day 1 at 8:30 a.m. and ends on the last day at around 4:30 p.m.
  • Arrival / departure: on your own
  • Basecamp: Agriturismo La Finca, Cresciano
  • Board & lodging: on your own
  • Event languages: German & English

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