Canyoning equipment rental

Canyoning equipment rental in Ticino

Would you like to do private canyoning in Ticino? purelements® gives you the equipment you need!

Are you an experienced canyonist or a friend of canyoning enthusiasts and you don’t have the equipment to attack the famous gorges of Ticino? Would you like to introduce this fascinating discipline to your family or friends? No problem! purelements® provides you with all the equipment you need for your canyoning trip.
Before you rent canyoning equipment in Ticino, make sure that you have the necessary experience for canyoning in Ticino and that you have detailed information about the canyon and other relevant factors such as weather and water conditions.

Canyoning in Ticino can be very challenging, especially at medium to high water levels. The use of the right equipment is very important, but the correct application of the canyoning techniques is even more important! If you come from a country where the canyons have a completely different character than ours, we recommend that you take a guided tour with us before you set off on your own. We are happy to teach you some important techniques that you can use in Ticino and give you tips on how to behave in the canyon and how to move efficiently and respectfully in Ticino and the gorges.

Especially in Ticino, it is essential to have the right equipment before entering the gorges. It doesn't matter what size or type of shoes you have; we have a wide range of equipment that suits your needs. We provide: neoprene socks, canyoning shoes, wetsuit, belt and helmet. If necessary, we can also borrow rucksacks and waterproof barrels. All rental equipment is clean and in good condition as we take care of your safety and comfort. The rental equipment is regularly serviced by an expert who ensures that everything is in order and ready for use. You can book your equipment directly online, or if you prefer you can email us or call us if you have any questions. We are also happy to help you choose the canyon and give you important information about the condition of the canyons and water levels. However, we would like to remind you that purelements® assumes no responsibility in the event of accidents due to misuse of the equipment, lack of experience, mistakes or wrong decisions during the canyoning activity. Do you think that you meet the requirements for canyoning in Ticino? What are you waiting for? More details about the rental can be found below!

Discover the canyoning Eldorado on your own!

Rental locations:

Requirements for renting canyoning equipment:

  • Good general health
  • Basic swimming skills
  • Book one day before

Rental period: possible from 1 day

Available period: April to October

Additional information about equipment rental:

  • Borrowed material must be returned cleaned
  • In case of heavy soiling we charge a cleaning fee
  • The borrower is responsible for and must pay for any damage to the material

You can find our terms of use for rental objects here

Have you decided to go canyoning on your own and you still don’t have the right equipment? Then you are exactly right here!

In order to be thoroughly prepared, we have prepared a short checklist here:

  • inform yourself well about the weather
  • get the topo for the corresponding canyon
  • clarify the water level – and call the info line!
  • bring enough drinks and snacks with you
  • Most importantly: know your limits!

Just in case – the emergency numbers for Switzerland are as follows:

REGA Helicopter: 1414
Mountain rescue: 144
Police: 117

We would be happy to advise you personally!