Canyoning in Riale di Mulitt

A sunny gorge awaits adventurous beginners: canyoning in the Riale di Mulitt (Ticino)

If you love gorges that are open and sunny for canyoning in Ticino, you shouldn’t miss our canyoning tour in the Riale di Mulitt. The Riale di Mulitt canyon is located in Centovalli, a picturesque valley in the sunny Swiss canton of Ticino.

The area can be explored wonderfully with the Centovalli train; In addition, the whole of Ticino is a popular meeting place for sporty holidaymakers. Lake Maggiore invites you to do water sports, hikers set out on the quiet paths of the densely forested region, mountaineers and climbers try their luck on the two-thousand-meter peaks, the peaks of which tower over the valley in the south and north.

When canyoning in the Riale di Mulitt, you also have the opportunity to combine all these types of movement. On the guided canyoning experience you will hike, climb, swim, jump, dive and practice abseiling down steep crevices together with other participants (maximum 7 per guide). For beginners who are in good physical condition and for participants with little previous knowledge of canyoning, canyoning in the Riale di Mulitt is the perfect outdoor experience.

A focus of this tour is on abseiling, because the gorge tour in the Centovalli Valley leads us down steeply. You should therefore be able to rule out fear of heights in order to have a lot of fun on this canyon tour, which is otherwise easy to master even for inexperienced people.

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Challenging basics strengthen the spirit of sport: Canyoning for young people and team builders

You don’t have to be romantically inclined to be impressed by the beauty and power of the elements while canyoning in the Riale di Mulitt. Forests and sky, granite rock and glittering waterfalls, the luring water below and the view of the sky above you merge into a wonderful overall impression. Every jump, every abseil and every passage conquered allow you to immerse yourself deeper in this elementary outdoor experience.

Since this is a canyoning experience on the basic level, the challenges to be overcome remain moderate. All jumps are just an offer – each participant decides for himself whether he dares the jump or not.

Because of this mixture of overcoming and fairness, canyoning in the Riale di Mulitt is particularly suitable for schoolchildren, youth groups and everyone who wants to strengthen their ability to work in a team. The ascent, which takes around ten minutes, is easy to master, and the subsequent instruction on belaying when abseiling and sliding is understandable and easy for everyone to practice. The highlight of this outdoor experience in Ticino is the 22 meter high waterfall, which is perfect for abseiling.

Canyoning in the Riale di Mulitt includes guided tours by certified guides who are always friendly and supportive to you. The necessary special equipment is also provided, if you wish, you can also use our photo service without a surcharge.