Canyoning in Boggera

Here you are in your element: Canyoning in Boggera

Fire, water, earth, air – as children we were pretty sure that everything on our planet was made of these four elements. If we replace fire with light, then it is precisely these four elements that make canyoning as an outdoor experience so exciting. After all, canyoning in Boggera also stands for at least two experiences: on the one hand, there is the sport that includes the disciplines of swimming, diving, climbing, hiking, jumping, sliding and abseiling and then there is the canyon, with its pure power of the elements, which we are currently crossing.

When canyoning in Boggera you will deal intensively with the gorge and the elementary forces that have created it. The wide opening of the canyon to the Valle di Cresciano allows you to explore its secrets in the sparkling sunlight. Its water park-like facility makes it possible to slide down the suitable rocky passages with great pleasure or jump into emerald green pools and then relax and splash around in them. When abseiling you will feel what it is like to have no more ground under your feet and still know that you are held well and safely.

Granite rock, waterfalls, jumps from lofty heights into crystal clear pools and all that warming sunlight - these are the components that condense into a sensual experience when canyoning in Boggera. How far you go then, which jumps and which abseiling passages you dare to do, remains your decision! In order to be able to enjoy the entire tour, you should ideally have some previous experience in canyoning.

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Canyoning pro for advanced canyoneers in the magical Boggera Gorge

The Boggera Gorge in the Riviera region is one of the most popular gorges in Ticino. It is particularly popular in the holiday months of July and August. This is where anyone who has already been captured by their passion for canyoning or who would like to see for themselves what this fascinating trend sport is all about.

The canyon in the Valle di Cresciano can be partially crossed on beginner tours. If you would like to register as a group or family, simply contact us and book your private canyoning guide. As a planned tour, which you can register for online, we offer canyoning in Boggera on the Pro level. Because only the first part of the gorge tour in Ticino is suitable for beginners, the further we go into the gorge, the greater the challenges.

The jumps during this outdoor experience are all optional, even for advanced canyoneers, and you can get out at many points if the level overwhelms you. But in the end it doesn't make sense to sign up for a tour that you can't do to the end.

On our website you will find a large number of other exciting guided canyoning tours very close to Boggera in various levels of difficulty. If you are unsure whether canyoning in Boggera is the right choice, please contact us for a personal consultation!

Everything at a glance

For sporty beginners and repeaters

Have you ever done canyoning with us or anywhere else in the world? Are you sporty and have brave friends? Then on! The Ticino canyons are getting longer, the gorges on the south side of the Alps deeper and the experience bigger!

Experience level
required previous knowledge
  • Planning and implementation of the canyoning tour
  • Coordination of the canyoning event on site
  • Support from certified purelements employees (certified canyoning guides)
  • Guide-guest ratio is a maximum of 1: 7
  • No time pressure!
  • Special equipment required for the tour
  • Photo service
  • Own safety standards for canyoning

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Suitable for team builders and loners: Canyoning in Boggera

The Boggera canyoning experience is usually well attended on the weekends. If you cannot find a free date in your calendar within the week, it is best to register as early as possible for this guided canyoning tour in the Valle di Cresciano.

Especially for teams, we offer canyoning in Boggera or in other gorges in Ticino at the “Basics” and “Pro” levels. So you don’t have to have any previous experience if you book a team building event through us.

With team canyoning in Boggera, as with all of our canyoning experiences, the focus is on the canyoning experience itself. Having fun, expanding your own limits, being inspired, enjoying the panorama and simply leaving the daily grind behind are an essential part of it.

At the same time, canyoning is an excellent tool that brings you as a team closer together. To strengthen this process, you will be accompanied by at least two licensed guides who are also experienced team and process trainers.

Team or loner, group of friends or family - those who enjoy discovering new things are welcome to canyoning in Boggera. Registration is easy online via our website. Do you still have any questions? Then simply contact us by phone or email. We look forward to you!