Abseiling in Ticino

Knot, secure, check and enjoy: Abseiling in Ticino for budding canyonists and team builders

Waterfalls and high cliffs are mostly overcome by abseiling during canyoning. For everyone who wants to practice it and learn the essential techniques, we offer the “Abseiling” course in Ticino. Participation makes sense if you have little or no experience in canyoning.

Because abseiling in itself is a fine art, it is fun and many exercises are also carried out as partner exercises, our abseiling courses in Ticino are often booked as team events. Because, as always with a canyoning experience, it is all about one thing: leaving your comfort zone and meeting yourself and your own limits with curiosity.

In canyoning, we first differentiate between passive and active abseiling. Passive means that one of our guides is available to you as a belaying partner during the abseil. Mountaineers also refer to passive abseiling as lowering. For beginners, this procedure has the advantage that they do not yet have to deal with how to control the rope and regulate the abseiling speed.

The situation is different with active abseiling. Those who master it can individually influence both the speed and the movements. You can find out exactly what you need to know about this, which techniques are suitable in order to be able to control the rope and your descent precisely, in our abseiling courses in Ticino.

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Abseiling training in Ticino: Basics for beginners and perfectionists

In our abseiling courses in Ticino, you will learn about the equipment and techniques that are essential for the outdoor experience of canyoning.

You will learn the difference between static and dynamic ropes, you will practice putting on the climbing harness correctly and you will learn a lot of interesting facts about the criteria according to which you choose helmets, gloves and shoes for your canyon equipment. In addition, we deal with abseiling devices and safety knots until it comes to actually practicing the abseiling techniques.

You will of course also receive a brief introduction to these techniques on each of our canyoning tours in Ticino. However, many participants feel more secure if they have been able to practice and try everything in peace beforehand. If you then take part in your first canyoning experience in Ticino, it feels as if you are meeting good old friends again when the ropes and snap hooks are pulled out.

The courses themselves deal with standard situations that can be expected on every canyoning tour. In addition, individual priorities can be determined from within the group. The safety checks are an absolute must - from the carabiner to the belt to the hairbands that your exercise partner wears.

Securing, braking, touching down and directing your gaze in the right direction are also important skills that you train when abseiling in Ticino. All at your own pace and in the way your previous knowledge allows, because of course we do not leave it to the gray theory when abseiling in Ticino, but rather try out what we have learned in practice.

Everything at a glance

For beginners and the cautious

  • Tour duration: 3-4 hours total time, start time is agreed individually
  • Period: all year round
  • Number of participants: min. 4 people
  • Event languages: German & English & Italian & French (please tell us your favourite language)
  • A general state of health in good health. Health impairments are taken into account during the implementation. Restrictions regarding vertigo also.
  • Minimum age: approx. 6 years
  • Planning and implementation of the program
  • Coordination of the event on site
  • Support from certified purelements employees (state-certified and multi-qualified guides)
  • No time pressure!
  • Special equipment required for the event
  • Photo service
  • Own safety standards for abseiling training

Our abseiling fun program is ideal for people who want to leave their comfort zone in order to have a great and eventful time with their family, friends or colleagues. Exciting, of course, for those who simply want to work on their abseiling skills. In this program you literally go down the rock faces. If you want and dare, you can abseil yourself, or you can let yourself be passively abseil, or there is also the option of abseiling at the same time and at eye level with a guide and thus receiving individual support. For the very brave, we have other challenges in store, such as the Australian abseiling method…. Motivation, a little courage, and a certain level of physical fitness are beneficial.
Our abseiling fun program is also ideal for team building events

“Get out of the comfort zone and get on the rope”

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Abseiling courses in Ticino: requirements and suitability

Since abseiling in mountaineering and canyoning differs in some important points, our courses are just as suitable for beginners as for enthusiastic climbers who have never participated in a canyoning experience.

Those who already have previous knowledge will find the opportunity to perfect their skills or face new challenges in our canyoning courses on the subject of abseiling. And because the whole thing naturally brings a lot of fun and a good mood, you can also register as a group or circle of friends want if you want to try something that is new, connects you and offers that certain kick.

Requirements for participation in the abseiling canyoning course in Ticino are minimal physical condition and a minimum age of six years. People with physical disabilities can also take part - but we ask you to discuss this with us beforehand so that we can take the type of impairment into account when conducting the courses. You do not need any equipment, this is provided free of charge, as is our photo service.