Canyoning in Progero

Sometimes bright as sunshine, sometimes darkly mystical: canyoning in the Progero inferiore

The Swiss Magadino plain stretches from Bellinzona, the capital of the canton of Ticino, to Lake Maggiore. The region, which is undergoing major changes, is home to one of the most unusual gorges in Ticino: the Valle di Progero canyon. Among canyonists, the canyon, also known as Ri (ale) delle Palme, is affectionately referred to as Progero.

Canyoning in the Progero is demanding, which is due to some peculiarities of the gorge, which has a length of 450 meters and height differences of 190 meters. Despite its opening to sunlight, the gorge can be described as somberly mystical.

How easy or difficult canyoning in Progero is also depends in a special way on the weather and the water levels. In stormless dry periods you can concentrate here entirely on the disciplines of canyoning, i.e. abseiling, jumping, sliding and climbing.

On other days, wind and water contribute to the fact that the level of difficulty of canyoning in the Progero increases because the rock is slippery or a storm has cut branches that now need to be overcome. Which brings us to an absolutely special feature of this outdoor experience: Because the gorge created in light granite stone got its second name "Riale delle Palme" because tropical palm trees actually grow in it.

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Every time different, but always exciting: Canyoning Expert in the Progero

The entry into the gorge takes place after a half-hour hike. You already have your equipment with you, which we provide free of charge. After a short repetition of all important safety precautions, the actual canyoning in the Progero inferiore begins. Prepare yourself for many easy and moderate obstacles as well as high roaring waterfalls and wonderful abseiling points!

The Progero canyoning experience is carried out by us at the Expert level. In plain language this means that you should already have sufficient experience in canyoning if you want to register for the tour. In individual cases we can deviate from this if you are already doing sports and neither physical nor mental impairments speak against it.

You can register for the tour individually, in groups or as a family. Your children should, however, be in their prime teenage years, i.e. at least 16 years old. If, contrary to expectations, it should happen that the tour turns out to be too difficult for one of you, there is still the opportunity to get off halfway.

As a rule, however, we all reach the last part together, in which we can admire the palm trees mentioned. After the last beautiful slide, a metal staircase shows us that the end of an impressive and challenging canyoning tour in Ticino has been reached.