Via ferrata tour in Ticino

Out and about on exciting paths: Via ferrata tours in Ticino

In the sunny canton of Ticino, the best elements of Switzerland are combined with the southern charm of Italy. Lake Maggiore invites you to enjoy water sports and relaxation, the wooded areas attract hikers to extensive tours and the Ticino Alps and canyons are of course magical attractions for climbers and canyonists.

If we are drawn down into the canyons of Ticino during canyoning, our via ferrata tours in Ticino take us to light heights. The effort is rewarded with wonderful views of the landscape and especially of Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano. But first of all, you have to conquer the via ferrata on your own - a great experience for everyone who appreciates challenging outdoor experiences.

Via ferrata are special ascent routes in the mountains that are secured with iron ladders, handles and steps (brackets) and steel ropes. Due to the iron aids that are inserted directly into the rock face, via ferratas are also known as Vie Ferrate or Via Ferrata (singular, in English: iron path).

Every Via Ferrata in Ticino allows us to climb and climb uphill well secured. Depending on the level of difficulty, the via ferrata tours in Ticino are marked with the letters A to F, where A corresponds to the classification as "not very difficult" and F indicates a via ferrata at an "extremely difficult" level that can only be climbed by professionals.

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Via ferrata tours in Ticino for beginners and families with children

On our basics and family tours, we follow easy-to-manage via ferratas in Ticino, such as the via ferrata dei Tre Signori. A total of three via ferratas, which are suitable for tours of varying degrees of difficulty, have been built into the rugged rock face of the Cima d’Erbea, which extends around 2340 meters above sea level.

For beginners and families with children, we follow the Via Media with levels of difficulty B to C, at the end of which a 15-meter-long suspension bridge awaits us as the last adventure.

To reach the Via Ferrate dei Tre Signori, we first meet at the cable car station, where you will receive your equipment. The fee for the via ferrata tour in Ticino already includes the rental costs for helmet, harness and via ferrata kit. You only have to provide the right footwear yourself and the ticket for the cable car is at your own expense.

The cable car ride is followed by a short walk on which we can enjoy the breathtaking panorama. When you arrive at the actual via ferrata in Ticino, your licensed guide will give you a final introduction so that you know how to use the climbing equipment safely. And finally it starts and we move slowly, focused and with a lot of joy in this wonderful outdoor experience in Ticino uphill.