Canyoning in Val Di Gei

The afternoon canyoning experience: Canyoning in Val di Gei

Canyoning in the Val di Gei gorge is wonderful, the best time to experience this great outdoor experience is in the afternoon. The sun shines through the light chestnut forests directly into the canyon and lets the large pools (which we can jump into if you like) light up in a lush green. Gordevio is located in the famous Maggia Valley, a short drive from Ascona on Lake Maggiore. The small village is home to two canyoning gorges, the Val Grande (a great tour for beginners) and right next to it the Val die Gei canyon. You can even combine both gorges, Val Grande is best in the morning and then the compact Val di Gei with super sunshine in the afternoon! We recommend the Val Grande first, which is a little less demanding and prepares you perfectly for the canyoning tour in Val di Gei.

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The experience begins in the Maggia Valley We park in the historic village of Gordevio right next to the green, shimmering Maggia river. A short walk takes us through the town center, past the church, to a small bridge that crosses our canyoning river Riale Brié. We catch a foretaste of what awaits us when canyoning in Val di Gei: pure nature, the power of the elements and a light play of colors that no camera in the world can capture in all its beauty. We start our ascent and hike uphill towards Archeggio. After a few bends we turn into the canyon at the steep edge of the gorge. Even the approach is a little spectacular here!

Right at the beginning you can slide on a rock slide into the first water pool. Running, climbing, jumping, sliding and abseiling are the typical modes of movement in canyoning. The special highlights of the canyoning experience in Val di Gei include the 45 meter long abseiling point at a wide, rushing waterfall and an optional jump from 14 meters into a huge and almost 10 meter deep pool!

But it's not just the highlights that shape the canyoning experience in Ticino. The canyon tour through the Val di Gei canyon is varied in itself and offers a breathtaking view of magically shimmering pools and the chestnut trees on the edge of the canyon, whose leaves are illuminated by the sun.

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Demanding and magical: Canyoning pro in Val di Gei

Canyoning in Gordevio takes you into a gorge that is not too narrow and yet offers no way to stop. The steep rocks only give a view of the sky and forward. Due to the numerous challenges that we face during the tour, we classify this Ticino canyoning experience in the canyoning level pro. So ideally you have previous experience in canyoning, which you will expand and perfect on this canyoning tour in Ticino. Or you can join us on a warm-up tour in the neighboring Canyon Val Grande beforehand.

You do not need to own the Canyon special equipment for this tour, as it is, as always, provided by us. The price for our photo service (optional) is already included in the tour fee, so it is better to leave the camera in the car. Because during the tour you will need all your hands, feet and senses to move meter by meter through the wonderful gorge.

The possibilities for abseiling, jumping, diving or climbing alternate here in an excellent way. You will overcome some passages with ease, in others you may feel a challenge or two. But it is precisely the respect for the elements and for our own limits that distinguishes us canyonauts and at the same time motivates us to achieve the goals we have set.

When canyoning in Val di Gei, we therefore not only value the sporty character of the outdoor experience. We enjoy the views, the team spirit and look forward to the espresso afterwards!