Canyoning in Val Vira

Try and enjoy: Canyoning in Val di Vira (Ticino)

Canyoning in Switzerland has been on your to-do list for a long time, but would you like to take part in a trial tour to get to know the sport? Would you like to take a playful approach to canyoning during your holiday in Ticino? Then our canyoning tour in Val di Vira (also: Valle di Vira) is just right for you!

During the two-hour gorge tour, you can try it out to your heart’s content and get to know everything that makes canyoning so varied, well protected and with lots of fun: hiking, jumping, sliding, diving and swimming.

Abseiling is also a must when canyoning in Val di Vira - if you dare to abseil directly into the gorge from a height of 15 meters. Optional, of course, because the try-out tour in Val di Vira gives you all the freedom to decide for or against an action.

At the end of the canyoning tour, a very special outdoor experience awaits you, because the body of water that we follow flows directly into Lake Maggiore. It is therefore advisable to combine canyoning in Val di Vira directly with a short or long stay in the popular holiday region.

Tourists appreciate that the region is ideal for hiking and water sports, cycling, mountaineering or even a boat trip. And of course to the canyoning experience, which you will get to know thoroughly on our short or extended tours.

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Who is canyoning in Val di Vira suitable for?

Try-out tours such as canyoning in Val di Vira are also known as soft canyoning. The name suggests that the fun factor is in the foreground here. But don’t let that lead you to believe that the canyoning experience in Val di Vira is like a leisurely stroll.

What drives us canyonists is precisely the desire to measure ourselves with the elementary forces of nature. Far from the hustle and bustle of the tourist strongholds, we are looking for peace, strength, balance, but also that certain kick that allows us to delve into the canyoning experience with confidence.

So whether you are 19 or 90 years old, whether you do a lot of other sports or like to relax by the lake, if this is exactly what fascinates you, then canyoning in Val di Vira offers you the perfect insight into a trend sport that it is has in itself.

The outdoor experience canyoning in Val di Vira begins with an ascent of around ten minutes. After a short briefing, it goes straight into the gorge. Following the water, we become one with nature, in which we move just as the canyon requires: by jumping from different heights (maximum 7 meters), by sliding or even by abseiling.

The following applies: Everything can, nothing has to! Our licensed guides are happy to provide a little motivational help. But they will never urge you to do something that you do not yet trust yourself to do!