Canyoning in Orino

Canyoning in the Malvaglia Valley – Orino Canyon

It has two opposing faces, the canyon Val Malvaglia or Orino, the upper part is open, easy and long, the lower part is sporty, demanding and extreme. Both parts of Orino inferiore and Orino superiore are located below the reservoir “Laghetto dealla Val Malvaglia” which is an intermediate storage facility for electricity generation and even gets water from the Rheinwaldhorn, Adula Alps on the main Alpine ridge.

Located just behind the Lukmanier Pass in the Blenio Valley, you can feel the proximity to the high mountains of the Alps when you drive into the Orino Valley. Every now and then even a few snow-capped peaks peek through. In the canyon, however, it is not cold, as we are well dressed in our canyoning equipment. And the reservoir is also an advantage: We can still walk through the gorge, even if other tours are no longer feasible due to the higher water level.

One canyon, two completely different canyoning trips. We would be happy to show you the upper part of the Val Malvaglia “Orino superior” as a more demanding, longer basic tour for beginners.

"Orino inferiore" the lower, steep part of the canyon is ideally suited as an expert tour to experience difficult canyoning with more water and demanding, technically challenging abseiling points and high waterfalls with transfer points.

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Fun and easy: canyoning basic in the Malvaglia valley

Canyoning in Malvaglia superiore is fun and easy, which is why participation is particularly suitable for people who are physically fit but are still technically inexperienced or rather have respect for higher abseiling points.

After about 50 minutes ascent, or if there are enough cars, a pleasant shuttle with the cars, we reach our starting point. The professional guides from purelements® Ticino are ready for the safety briefing! Here you will find out everything you need to know about canyoning safety and then practice the types of locomotion in the canyon. We train abseiling, jumping and sliding and there is also step training!

Good abseiling skills are the basis for further adventures in the advanced canyoning tours and gorges in Ticino. Once we have completed the abseiling exercise, we will set off into the famous Ticino gorges. The canyoning fun begins!

We provide you with the special equipment for canyoning in Malvaglia at no extra cost. You are also welcome to use our photo service free of charge to look back at your first canyoning tour of your life, where you bravely faced the canyoning adventure.