Canyoning in the Nala

Powerful canyoning experience in a sensational landscape: Canyoning Osogna in the Riale Nala

A deeply cut valley in the middle of the steep rock faces of the “Trenta Sassi”, green, wooded slopes, mountains with almost 3000m in the background – this is the Valle d ‘Osogna. One of the longest and most eventful canyons in Swiss Ticino is located here, the Canyon Nala. The canyoning gorge in the valley of the village of Osogna is called Canyon Osogna by canyonists all over the world or Nala by the local canyon guides. It can be divided into three parts and started: Nala inferiore, Nala intermedio and Nala superiore. This canyoning tour is one of the longest canyoning trips in Ticino that can also be walked with guests and is suitable for a canyoning tour.

Canyoning takes us around 750 meters deep in the Osognatal, but you can feel in every corner and at every passage that it is a very special kind of canyoning experience. Is it the light granite rock or the cave-like shape of the gorge, in which the feeling of security forms an exciting contrast to adventurous discoveries and the jumps that require full concentration?

Osogna with its mighty, majestic appearance is one of the Big Five of the canyons in Ticino. Exciting climbing passages, impressive jumping and abseiling areas enable a fantastic alternation between action and intense encounter with the elements.

We offer this canyon in two different canyoning trips and different levels of difficulty: Nala inferiore as a pro trip for advanced and Nala integrale (inferiore, intermedio and superiore) as a helicopter canyoning tour for experts with a helicopter flight so that you don't have to hike up.

The Val Osogna, which lies between Biasca and Cresciano, is a region that is also famous for its imposing, high rock walls, where you can also climb challenging. Boulderers will find a famous climbing bouldering area nearby.

The well-developed tourist areas on Lake Maggiore or Lake Lugano can be easily reached after an hour's drive after our canyoning experience in the Nala. If you are on the way to Italy, Osogna, which is also popular with bathers, is ideal for a stopover where you can indulge your passion for canyoning.

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Demanding canyoning for advanced skiers in Ticino

Beautiful, but challenging! This is the brief assessment for canyoning in the Nala inferiore, which is why participation is particularly suitable for canyonists with some previous knowledge, as well as for everyone who can keep up on a canyoning trip level pro and who are passionate about abseiling.

The half-hour ascent leads us exposed over the gorge, following an old path to the water, to the only possibility to climb into the gorge. They surely laid out this path centuries ago. We put on our canyoning equipment and get wet in the water. The first big challenge immediately follows: a 30 meter high abseiling point, where you will experience how wonderful it feels to float well secured into the depths of the canyon. From now on it goes in quick succession, you reach the next waterfall by swimming, you rope yourself up again immediately and off you go! The gorge continues exactly in this style until we reach the large waterfall. An exit would only be possible here.

After abseiling into one of the beautiful 50 m high waterfall (which, by the way, is the cover picture of our design canyoning voucher) the canyon becomes more open, sunnier and funnier. In fact, there is also the possibility of doing a slide of 18 meters and equally challenging jumps.

The rappelling points in this canyon near Biasca are very technical and are often located in bottlenecks and in the middle of the watercourse. An ideal canyon for people who can abseil well and are not afraid of heights!

We provide you with the special equipment for canyoning in Osogna at no extra cost. You are also welcome to use our photo service free of charge to look back at all the deep and narrow passages that you faced with courage and desire for adventure.