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Safety in canyoning and outdoor sports
purelements® is certified!

During its more than 20 years of existence, purelements® has always committed itself to its initial mantra, which is: Safety, not only for the customers, but also for the employees and the community in the broader sense. purelements® ensures safety and satisfaction, values that have top priority for us.

With the highest level of professionalism, the company has carefully selected its qualified employees in order to be able to offer a considerable range of quality tours. Weather conditions and water levels are monitored daily. purelements® also adheres to the highest standards in terms of the quality of the equipment. Before and after each tour, the material is checked and, if necessary, repaired or removed.

Each individual tour is judged according to the level of performance depending on the degree of difficulty – self-evaluation, the specific season, the actual water level and the weather conditions, whereby the final decision on the safe implementation of the tour or a possible cancellation is incumbent on the responsible guide. If the guide thinks the weather or water level is unsuitable, they will have the full support of the purelements® management in their decision.

purelements® always strives to maintain the highest level of security and thus regularly checks whether all security plans are being adhered to. This is done with the help of feedback from guides, customers and other available information about the environment.

The only thing left to do is to get in contact with us to have fun together outside in this unique piece of nature and under the lowest possible risk conditions.

The “Safety in Adventure” foundation

Safety for outdoor and adventure – certified

For rafting, canyoning or rope activities: Risk management and safety are particularly important for an outdoor adventure. That is why outdoor providers were able to have themselves certified by the SGS with the safety management system of the “Safety in adventures” foundation – and thus guarantee compliance with safety and quality standards.

A new regulation has been in force in Switzerland since May 1st, 2019. For adventure and outdoor providers who are certified, the ISO standards “Adventure tourism” already certified providers can continue to renew their certification annually.

Anyone who has themselves checked on site once a year retains the certification. Are controlled z. B. the training of the guides and the nature of the material.

SGS and Safety in Adventures were a reliable partner, in the course of the re-certification we decided to switch to the ISO standard and a new certification body

New from 2021! Edelcert & InSpectorat

Security management according to ISO standard 21101 – adventure tourism

With Edelcert & InSpectorat we are sure to have found an experienced and competent certification partner. Over the winter of 2021 we worked on the transfer of the previous safety management system “Safety in Adventures” of the Swiss location to the new ISO certification and decided to expand the new system to the entire company across borders.

Security guidelines

The purelements® safety guidelines are based on the following principles:

  • The highest priority is the safety of all customers, employees and everyone involved in the organization. It takes precedence over all economic considerations. In order to be able to avoid accidents in the adventure and outdoor activities as far as possible, an analysis is carried out after the activity whether certain or common techniques need to be adapted to the given, current circumstances.
  • The safe process of all adventure and outdoor activities should be ensured through the application of an operational safety concept. With the help of this security concept, any deficiencies are systematically identified and eliminated, while the security level is maintained at the same time.
  • Accident prevention and the health integrity of our customers and employees are essential in order to be able to maintain competitiveness and strength.
  • purelements® has undertaken to comply with all generally recognized national and international standards for the practice of adventure and outdoor activities, as well as all relevant instructions from the responsible authorities, insofar as they are legally undisputed.
  • purelements recognizes the safety guidelines and safety goals of the following safety management certification as the basis for your internal safety planning: Safety management system ISO standards 21101: 2014 “Adventure tourism – Safety management systems – Requirements” and 21103: 2014 “Adventure tourism – Information for participants” as well as the related corresponding technical report ISO / TR 21102: 2013 “Adventure tourism – Leaders – Personnel competence”


Regardless of their experience or background, every guide is encouraged to update their knowledge under the motto “never stop learning”. purelements® organizes regular internal training, both before and during the season, in order to keep your guides attentive and vigilant for potential dangers.

Management team members are themselves active guides and instructors. For example: guides are trained by internationally recognized canyoning associations such as the “Commissione Internationale de Canyon (CIC)”, “International canyoning organization for professionals” (ICOpro), “Tiroler Bergsportführerverband” (TBSV), “Swiss Outdoor Association (SOA) and many more. Only guides who are trained and trained for a specific activity are used for the respective activity.

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