For people with disabilities.
Barrier-free canyoning!

Canyoning adaptive in Ticino / Switzerland

Canyoning experience for people with disabilities: Adaptive canyoning in Ticino

Canyoning is pure pleasure in encountering the elements. Body control and the desire to follow gorges on your own that have been created over centuries by the flow of a body of water make this sport essential. But not every canyon in Switzerland can only be climbed by extreme athletes. Many gorge tours offer the opportunity to personalize the canyoning experience because there are alternative routes if a passage is found to be too difficult.

In order to enable people with physical or cognitive impairments to go canyoning in Ticino, we offer selected tours that allow such individual decisions as canyoning adaptive in Ticino. After all, we all know that people with disabilities are at least as much looking for and needing a challenge as people without specific disabilities.

So why shouldn't it be possible to do canyoning in Switzerland and especially in the canyoning mecca of Ticino for all those who love outdoor experiences but are unfortunately all too often excluded from it?

Of course, we cannot serve every clientele either and unfortunately have to pass if we receive inquiries whether participation in a wheelchair is possible. We also advise people with plegia, paralysis or a high degree of paresis not to try canyoning. A slight mobility impairment, a visual or hearing impairment or even a cognitive impairment, on the other hand, are no reason to forego the unique outdoor experience canyoning in Ticino.

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Adaptive canyoning in Switzerland: face the challenge

The best way to find out whether canyoning could become your favorite sport in Ticino is to try it out. As a beginner, you choose a course at the Basics level. During the two to three hour tour you will get to know all the basic disciplines: swimming and diving, jumping and sliding, abseiling and crossing narrow crevices.

A great advantage of our basics courses is that there is no pressure or time pressure. If you feel up to the challenges, you accept them. If you can’t bring yourself to work, our licensed guides will show you an alternative.

Sure, canyoning in Ticino, like any sport, is associated with the joy of exercise. Try out yourself, train your muscles, muster up all your courage and sometimes even go to your own limits.

But that alone only describes part of this outstanding outdoor experience. It is at least as important for canyonists to take in nature, the elements and the breathtaking panorama of untamed landscapes. Listen, look, breathe, suck in, be right in the middle of it all, be amazed and enjoy - this is also what makes canyoning so attractive. So you don't have to be a muscleman to belong to us. You should just be ready not to close yourself off to the new experiences.