Canyoning in the Maggia Valley

So close to the elements – canyoning in the Valle Maggia

The Maggia flows for 60 kilometers through the Swiss canton of Ticino before flowing into Lake Maggiore at Locarno. It passes numerous famous valleys, murmurs greetings to the inhabitants of historic villages and enables us to practice brilliant outdoor sports in the Valle Maggia (also: Val Maggia or Maggia Valley).
One of them – for us of course the one – is canyoning in the Valle Maggia.

Canyoning means to devote yourself to the course of the water and the paths that it has created over centuries. To activate one's own forces in order to absorb the effects of the elements. On our gorge tours in Ticino we climb or slide down rock faces, abseil down, jump into naturally washed-out pools or feel our way through a dark crevice.

We approach each of the fabulous canyons in Ticino with respect for its uniqueness and its secrets, which it only reveals to those who bravely venture into the interior of the cave-like canyons.

Canyoning in the Valle Maggia can be booked in different levels of difficulty and in different locations. Our certified guides bring the necessary equipment with them, show you the most beautiful places for the outdoor event in Ticino and lead you safely through difficult passages of your canyoning tour in the Valle Maggia.

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Canyoning for beginners and advanced in the Valle Maggia

We offer canyoning in the Ticino Valle Maggia at the levels “basic” and “pro”. You are also welcome to make individual arrangements with us to plan group events, individual tours or adaptive canyoning, which is aimed specifically at people with physical disabilities.

Beginners and families with younger children are invited to join us on a canyoning tour through the Val Tomé, a side valley of the Val Lavizzara. Together we immerse ourselves in the seclusion of a wonderful world of gorges, where you can relax and have your first experiences in climbing, jumping, sliding and abseiling at your own pace.

Of course, before the actual start of the gorge tour, you will receive an understandable introduction on how to secure yourself in certain situations.

For those who are looking for an even stronger adrenaline rush, we offer the canyoning pro tours in the Valle Maggia. For example, the Val di Gei and Val Grande gorges (near Gordevio) and Val Guimaglio are possible. In Val Grande you let yourself down on the rope directly in the waterfall from a height of about 24 meters, in Val Guimaglio it can be 35 meters abseiling height.

Jumping and sliding from lofty heights can also be practiced and enjoyed here with a lot of fun. The canyon Val Grande offers the perfect mix of openly accessible and difficult to climb passages, in the Guimaglio we let the beauty of the sparkling pools touch us.