Elemental, sublime, sensual: canyoning in Ticino

The quiet grandeur of the Ticino Alps, the shimmering Lake Maggiore in constantly changing shades: Ticino is a place full of exciting contrasts. Anyone who walks through the world with open senses cannot get enough of looking, smelling, tasting and touching.

For us canyonists, Ticino has the reputation of a Mecca that you should visit at least once in a lifetime. When canyoning in Ticino, we take you on the most beautiful and exciting gorge tours, in which we become one with the elemental forces.

Little by little we work our way forward - sometimes chatting happily during a simple ascent or during a relaxing dip in the clear waters; sometimes concentrated and silent while abseiling or climbing; finally with great cheers when a jump has been made or one of the wonderful water slides awaits us.

When canyoning in Ticino, you never know exactly what the tour will bring. But one thing is certain: As a beginner, at the end of the day you will look back on an outdoor experience that at sunrise you asked yourself whether you really had the strength and the courage to do it.

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Our highlight: Canyoning basic in Corippo, Valle Verzasca!

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Easy ascent, low level of difficulty: canyoning for beginners and families with children

In the sunny canton of Ticino, the canyoning experiences can be perfectly tailored to your previous knowledge. Our licensed guides know every jump and abseil point, every rock face and every waterfall that we will pass on our gorge tour.

The tours for beginners and families with children start with a ten to fifteen minute ascent. A good opportunity to warm up and check during the short hike whether something is pressing or pinching before we approach the real challenges.

One of the tours takes us to the wonderful gorge near Corippo in the Verzasca Valley. Beginners understand at first glance what is so fascinating about canyoning in Ticino: Secluded from civilization, we approach narrow passes, look into shimmering waters and follow the watercourse on a ten-meter-long slide.

If you like, you dare to take the first jumps, if you still hesitate, let yourself be infected by the joy of others or choose an alternative way to overcome a difficult point. The tour ends with a wonderful cooling off in the lake.

The route to Centovalli in Riale di Mulitt also offers a lot of action, enthusiasm and an initial increase in the canyoning experience in Ticino. The easy ascent leads us to a varied gorge tour, on which you can try all the typical types of movement of canyoning in Ticino to your heart's content: jumping or sliding, abseiling or climbing, swimming and diving, even slipping through narrow passages in the rocks and climbing ladders to leave the gorge are on the program here.

Rumor has it that a canyoning tour in Ticino will also make your heart jump - but it's best to try it out for yourself. You can find out which other canyoning tours in Ticino we have in our program for beginners, inexperienced, families or people with disabilities by calling up the corresponding menu item.