The company

our mission

purelements @ in Ticino, Switzerland, offers just the right thing for adventurers, adrenaline seekers and beginners. We offer a wide and comprehensive range of quality tours in the categories of canoeing, canyoning and other outdoor activities. The focus in our company is clearly on the guest, we want to give him an extraordinary experience that he will never forget.

Our values

Innovation with tradition

We are a company that cares deeply about innovation and evolution, and it is also important to us to preserve local cultures and landscapes in the best possible way. The main focus of our activity is here in the beautiful Ticino, one of the greatest regions in Switzerland, whose warm-hearted culture and unique landscape have encouraged us to make our offer even more culturally closer over the years.

Local and sustainable

One of our values is to improve our customers’ awareness of the (local) environmental situation, the fauna and flora of which is endangered by the rapidly growing industries. purelements® also wants to preserve the Ticino cultures in every way, and achieves this by involving the local grottos and stores, for example that’s where we buy the snacks for our tours.

Individual and authentic

Furthermore, it is important to us to make every single person who comes into contact with purelements happy and satisfied, be it customers, employees or the locals.


purelements® strives to be an honest partner in Ticino and always tries to work as professionally as possible.

Role model

We want to be a role model for the rest of Switzerland and ultimately for the whole world.

“Outside you’ll discover

what’s within you! ”

Your purelements® team