Canyoning for school groups

Group canyoning in Ticino – an unusual idea for a cool trip by and with school groups

Do you want to go on tour with your school class and are you looking for cool ideas for a school trip? Would you like a destination for a class trip that not only offers a fascinating and challenging experience of nature but also lots of fun? Team spirit is exactly your thing and you are looking for an outdoor experience that will further bond you as a group?

Or do you, as a student or teacher, want a group trip that can be combined with varied activities for the school group instead of a boring standard class trip?

Then a canyoning tour for school groups is a great alternative to the usual standard excursions for school classes! The group canyoning, accompanied by our experienced guides, teaches the way it should be in a moving way: As a participant, you come into contact with the elements of an almost untamed nature that demands respect from you. The cell phone stays out for a few hours, because during your adventure in the gorge you won't have any reception anyway. In return, you will be receptive to yourself, your group and the pure action on the wild stream when climbing, sliding and abseiling.

So whether you are a teacher looking for a destination for schoolchildren in Switzerland that will inspire you all together; or whether you as a group are just preparing for the Matura celebration and can do without the usual run-of-the-mill event: on the canyoning tours by purelements in Ticino, you as a group are completely alone and always on the move. Physically, mentally, spiritually. Because our canyoning tours take you through gorges and landscapes that you, if you are a beginner in canyoning, are guaranteed to have never seen or experienced “in real life”.

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Advantages for teachers and accompanying persons on the school excursion in Ticino: flexible conditions and support from experienced guides make planning easier

Some call it “learning in a different place”, others “moving school”. We call it quite simply: a fantastic outdoor experience that leads even the youngest to become more self-confident and to change their attitude towards nature and to see their surroundings with new eyes.

As an excursion idea for school groups, our canyoning tours pursue the goal of promoting not only fun and sportsmanship but also the access of schoolchildren to the elements and to the elementary forces within themselves. Everyone has the opportunity to grow with the challenges - individually as well as with regard to the cohesion in the class.

And because the whole thing takes place in a breathtaking landscape and a relaxed atmosphere, this aspect is experienced but not found to be strenuous or "teaching". The idea of planning a school trip as a connecting outdoor event also provides a helping hand when trying to resolve small conflicts or rivalries in the school group in a playful way and in the best team spirit.

If you, as a teacher, are asking yourself how you can strengthen class cohesion and at the same time book a great event for the school trip without immense effort, we are probably just what you need with our flexibly bookable canyoning tours. Our experienced guides, who accompany you on a school trip in Ticino, are just as familiar with the gorges as they are with the group dynamics that arise. They also ensure your safety, show you the important steps you need to know when using the rope, for example, and take funny snapshots that you can of course take home afterwards.

We make planning easier for you by conducting three tried and tested tours that are easy for secondary school classes to manage. These include the try-out excursion in Val di Vira, group canyoning basic in Corippo and canyoning pro for school groups in Boggera. The conditions can also be booked flexibly, because we offer you graduated rates, which we have already taken into account that school classes usually only have a limited budget. For every 12 paying participants, one accompanying person is already included in the total price.