Club trips with canyoning

Group canyoning in Ticino: the excursion tip for clubs and associations

When the sports club travels together, it is obvious that nobody wants to spend a whole weekend just sitting around. Instead, a cool outdoor event like canyoning, where you get to know a new sport and immerse yourself in the fascinating nature of the Swiss canyons, proves to be a welcome change.

In our experience, not only those who are already sports enthusiasts, but also a society for philatelists or the aquarium club are always on the lookout for unusual ideas for the next club outing or club outing.

A group canyoning in Ticino is therefore the perfect idea for an excursion if you want to do and plan something different together than the next bowling evening or a run-of-the-mill event. Because the outdoor experience for groups, associations and clubs does not only lead you to the most beautiful and popular gorges in Switzerland. It also leads you to each other and beyond you, so that the cohesion in the group is enormously strengthened. Of course, you decide for yourself whether fun and games should be the focus of confidence-building measures. Both are always given when canyoning as an excursion tip for clubs and associations.

As "Switzerland's sunniest place", Ticino offers you a multitude of opportunities to combine varied activities in picturesque landscapes with detours to famous sights and places. So whether you are looking for ideas for a club excursion lasting one or more days or want to combine the best and most exclusive excursion tips for a club outing: Ticino is one of the most popular Swiss excursion destinations for clubs and associations. The offer is correspondingly wide and the hospitality is correspondingly large.

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Club excursion with a wow effect and a good mood while canyoning in Switzerland

The focus of your club excursion is of course canyoning, which as a sport is perfect for strengthening cohesion and bringing club members closer to each other who otherwise have little to do with each other. Our group excursions take you to try-out canyoning in the Val di Vira, as a basic tour to Corippo or as canyoning pro for sporty types to the Boggera gorge.

All three tours can be easily mastered by beginners. If you register as a sports club with well-trained members, for example as a tennis club, trampoline or round-net club, or as an enthusiastic supporter of the scouting movement, you will find the greatest challenges on the pro tour through the sunny Boggera Gorge in the Valle di Cresciano.

Group canyoning is the most fun as a club excursion when all members take part in the planned activities. For people with a pronounced fear of heights or with a physical handicap, however, the inhibition threshold can be too high. If you still want to book group canyoning for your excursion as a club, there is the possibility that individual participants first hike to the gorge with the group and then only watch during the actual tour or devote themselves to other activities.

If you are planning a club excursion lasting several days, simply add activities to the canyoning tour in Ticino that everyone can take part in. In this way everyone gets their rights and you also strengthen the group by respecting the individuality of each and every one of you.