Canyoning in Bellinzona

Between Zurich and Milan: We will guide you through the top canyons while canyoning in Bellinzona / Alto Ticino

Bellinzona, the second largest town in Ticino and also its capital, is located in Alto Ticino, in northern Ticino (sopraceneri), which is also known as the gateway to Italy. Bellinzona attracts day visitors and vacationers who appreciate the advantages of this Italian-influenced Swiss Riviera as well as its proximity to Zurich and Milan.

In addition, Bellinzona and the Alto Ticino are an absolute must for all avid canyonists. Because here behind the Gotthard, with a direct connection to the Gotthard Pass and San Bernadino, you will find the most beautiful and challenging canyons in Ticino.

In the middle of a historical landscape shaped by the Ticino and majestic rocks, we embark on the adventure of canyoning. In small groups we approach the ravines washed out by the water, follow the path of the river deeper and deeper, stretching our faces towards the tickling sunlight at passages that open to the sky.

Jumping, sliding, abseiling, diving, swimming and feeling your way through narrow crevices - Bellinzona canyoning challenges you in a way that strengthens your strength, your courage and your self-confidence. And it offers you an insight into the most beautiful gorges in Europe, which you can proudly tell in the future that you have conquered them yourself.

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Bellinzona: Tours for advanced beginners and professionals in canyoning

Canyoning tours in the Bellinzona region are demanding, which is why we mainly offer guided tours for advanced and experts. In Lodrino (inferiore or intermedio), for example, where canyoning leads us into a gorge that requires a lot of skills. Here you can abseil yourself from almost heavenly heights, dare risky but manageable jumps and of course slide, which is pure joy.

Boggera in Val Cresciano, Iragna inferiore or Pontirone on the Lesgiüna stream are also canyons that make the hearts of enthusiastic canyon fans beat faster, as they are among the five top gorges in Ticino. Tropical ambience, emerald green waters, abseiling points and waterfalls up to 40 meters high characterize the fabulous canyoning experience as well as varied jumping points and difficult climbing passages.

The canyoning tour Orino superiore in the Valle di Malvaglia is a little more relaxed and therefore also recommended for beginners with some basic knowledge of canyoning. You should also be in good physical condition and have the courage to push your limits on this canyoning experience near Bellinzona. After all, you can also jump, slide and abseil from a great height here.

Are you interested in other canyoning events at Bellinzona or are you not sure whether your previous experience is sufficient for one of the aforementioned canyoning tours? Then just contact us, we will be happy to advise you and, if necessary, give you helpful tips on which gorges in Ticino are best suited for beginners, advanced or professionals!