All customers must meet the minimum requirements if they are to participate or want to participate in an activity. Details on customer requirements are listed in our “Terms and Conditions”, which are presented to the customer with every booking. During the booking process, customers are required to provide all of the following standard information per booking:

For the individual booking:
• The booked program
• Name of the booker
• Address
• Telephone number
• Email
• Preferred Language
• Preferred tour (if known)

Per participant:
Personal Information:
• Surname
• Date of birth
• Gender
• Telephone number
• Email
• Height
• Weight
• shoe size

Physical abilities:
• Swimming skills (weak to good)

Medical restrictions:
• Medical remarks over the past 5 years (pregnant, allergies, treatments, ear problems, …)
• Diet guidelines
• Contact lenses or people who wear glasses
• Emergency contact (name, relationship, telephone number)
• Any specific cognitive limitation or need

Note our terms and conditions.