“Canyoning” in another terminology: Canyoneering (USA, AU), Kloofing (SA), Barranquismo (ES), Torrentismo (IT). Canyons are conquered using a variety of different techniques such as walking, climbing slopes or rock steps, jumping, sliding, abseiling and swimming. It is mainly practiced in remote rugged areas and often requires navigation, route finding, and other wilderness skills. Canyons, which are ideal for canyoning, have often been carved by the water into the bedrock over millions of years, forming narrow gorges with numerous pools of water, beautifully shaped walls and sometimes extremely spectacular waterfalls. Most of the canyons are cut into limestone, sandstone, granite or basalt, but other types of rock are also possible. The Ticino gorges are almost predominantly formed from granite rocks¬†(Gneiss).
Over the years, special equipment for canyoning has been invented and manufactured, which has increased the popularity of this sport enormously.